About Us
   WMJOprides itself in teaching traditional African culture thru motion. This educational art form is taught thru traditional dance, drumming, song and spirit.
     The entertainment is presented in the traditional clothing of the African culture and the songs are taught in the traditional language. This is a revival for the respect of the village (your community). We are aiming to unite and enhance the respect for all ethnicities. This high- energy interactive entertainment creates life long bonds that unite the community thru the love of the culture and the heartbeat of the drums. This social art form of dance is a fun way to exercise, that builds self esteem and enriches life while acquiring the knowledge of the West African traditions, that have been passed down by the Groits (oral historians). We teach all ages, zero to ninety-nine+.
       Babba Z and Momma Jewel the elders of the group teach of history that incorporates examples of unity and respect which strengthens family and community bonds. The senior drummer/ dancer Bro. Jewelian Robertson along with Bro. Donte Richardson fascinate the audience with their beats and enthusiasm for their craft. The junoir and babies (dancer and drummers) in this group melt the hearts of the audience as they are eager to show their peers and admirers what they know about the village
  WMJOA  offers: Dance, Drum, Craft , singing workshops, costume design, residencies, lecture demonstration, family reunion performances and more. 

  We customize your event specific to your needs.

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